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Quest for a King

The DJRPG Role Playing Game development System is a set of tools designed to allow a person with minimal or no programming experience to make a unique, playable RPG which can easily be encapsulated into a single directory, unlike most other RPG makers, which require addional resource files, DLL files, or toolkits.

This project is the culmination of development on the JRPG game engine, used in the freeware RPGs Nietzsche and the upcoming Quest for a King. It will include the JRPG engine, a highly scriptable, adaptable game engine written for real-mode DOS, and a series of well documented, easy to use development tools. Being written in Visual Basic for DOS means that games created with this kit will be extremely small, and will not require any additional libraries or resources to run, and since it's running in real-mode, it will be extremely easy to pair with freedos and cross-platform emulators, making it an extremely versatile set of programs to use. Furthermore, since it's based on the established JRPG engine, which has already been used to two games(though the second is still in development), perliminary work on file formats, utilities, scripting languages, and other important issues has already been either completed or worked on heavily, and proven in the development of an actual RPG game.

While the focus is currently on the DOS runtime engine and tools, the tools and runtime engine are slowly being ported to modern languages and platforms, and we hope to seen a new, unified DJRPG tool creating material for a new multiplatform JRPG runtime engine within a few months. We hope to slowly phase out the legacy VBDOS code, and work our way towards a more modern systems, to allow for greater extensiblity, flexibility, and robustness as the DOS platform sees it's twilight years.