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OmaLib Universal Wrapper

OmaLib Universal Wrapper library was created to fill gaps in SDLs user-freindliness. It will handle loading bitmaps correctly without help. It will aso handle masking and two kinds of blitting, input and text output using SDL_TTF.

Thursday November 13, 2014
Posted by SJ Zero

I've posted a minor update of OMALib. There's no new features, but I've modified the source to compile on FreeBASIC 1.0.0.

Wednesday June 29, 2005
Posted by SJ Zero

This is the first serious release of OmaLib. It has a full manual, and all the files a developer will need to use it to make a distributable game.

Though the DLLs included are for Windows, the .bi file itself should be platform independant, requiring only SDL-DEV and SDLTTF-DEV to be installed to function normally under Linux.