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Wednesday June 29, 2005
Posted by SJ Zero

Powerusrs Gaming is no more. It has lost it's purpose. QBXL Magazine and it's subsites now completely cover the editorial side of things, so it's time to drop any pretenses and just create a site dedicated to One Man Army Games and the various projects we're working on..

Welcome to One Man Army games!

Now, for a complete rundown of the status of the various projects.

DJRPG Role Playing Game Development Kit
This program is being developed alongside Quest for a King. An early version of the new level editor is included in the Quest for a King win32 package to give you an indication of what to expect in the future. The level editor itself is almost complete, missing only a few key features. After the level editor is complete, I will add a method to edit sprites from the level editor, and a method to easily and quickly design, implement, and manage scripts visually, without prior programming knowlege.

Quest for a King
The version on this site, 1.5, is a complete windows port. It also has several earth shattering bugs I have to fix before the 1.6 release. Regardless, it shows a fully functional windows port with far superior compatiblity, control, graphics and sound than the final DOS version. If you want to get an idea of where Quest for a King is going, check out the win32 demo for a good idea.

Nietzsche is, as far as I'm concerned, finished until the DJRPG engine port powering Quest for a King is completely finished and ready to have a final release. Nietzsche is not a priority, but when it becomes one, I'd like to give it an art overhaul similar to the one Quest for a King has recieved so far.

Star Phalanx
Star Phalanx is a completely playable and enjoyable game. All the changes to be made to it are intended to make it even better. For example:
 -Network co-operative multiplayer support!
 -High scores tracked through the internet, so you can see who has the highest scores of all time!
 -A completely redone menu system to allow for full customization of the controls using the UltimaLib input library
 -Moving the renderer to omaLib will increase speed by several times
 -Enemy spawn scripting to ensure a consistent experience

Rambo Vs. Kitty Cat
This silly game is actually deceptively fun, so I'm going to continue developing it. Right now, I have four priorities:
 -Create a menu for it
 -Add sound
 -Create many more levels and make an end-of-level object
 -Add more weapons