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Sunday October 02, 2006
Posted by SJ Zero

Finally, we've got a web presence once again. Many things have happened since QBXL.NET was unceremoniously dumped from the Internet. Lots of new freinds have shows up in the community, and lots of new issues need to be covered. Finally, at long last, The staff at QuickBASIC Accelerator magazine has been given the chance to cast off the shackels of the old, and re-emerge, like something humorous that re-emerges, which possibly relates somehow to popular culture.

Yes, we're going to have to work on that...

What is FreeBASIC XL Magazine? It's simply a magazine dedicated to poking fun at the QB/FB community while trying to deliver hard hitting, entertaining, and factual reviews, editorials, and articles.

Is it something new? No. FreeBASIC XL is the latest evolution of QBXL Magazine, which existed all the way back in those bygone days of 2001.

What is FBXL Audio Edition? It's an aggregate of news from the community and around the world which may or may not be made up, presented in a humorous format.

To old readers, welcome back. To new readers, welcome to FreeBASIC Accelerator Magazine. May God have mercy on your souls.