The Edge
Another day, another damn article to mock. I was going to say something about that damn chimp they decided to keep in office, but it's just too damn easy. I've read this new article and seen the light.

Why? Because they finally cloned QB. The maniacs, they blew it up! THE MANIACS!.

I just wanna tell everyone that I have no problem with this. After all, I look forward to the day when I'm a relic on the side of the road in a world dominated by superintelligent apes who hunt humans for sport! Even better, I won't have to listen to himan televangelists, just ape televangelists, telling of a twisted mockery of mans original religions. Hearing of the exploits of monkey Jesus and the monkey Lord will fill the empty expanse of my by then long looted cranial cavity, and there's nothing you can do about it.



I'm gonna dance and sing until the lungs I don't have scream and the legs I don't have ache, because you're really fucked now! It's signs man, and a version of BASIC running under Windows means one of two things. Either windows is about to lose it's popularity, or the end of the world!

I'll be sitting here, waiting for the fireworks to start.


-Alien Jack Nicholson isn't anti-FreeBASIC, he's just pro-Planet of the apes..

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