Issue 3
Fear and Loathing in Qos Begas

What a ride it's been.

QBXL Magazine has probably won a prize somewhere for longest period of time between issues in an active periodical.

This job has seen me, as head editor, called everything from sexist to childish and everything in between, but if it was only those people I listened to, there wouldn't have been a qbxl in the first place. It's the people who truly enjoy the magazine, who have been waiting for almost a year for a new issue to come out, who this magazine is written for.

I'm not going to spout some rhetoric about never backing down, about taking no prisoners and allowing no compromises, because that would be false. At best, we're a magazine of few compromises which never backs down from something we believe in. I'd list them, but I think anyone who has read this magazine has an inkling of what we believe in by now.

One compromise we will not make is a compromise between an entertaining, informative magazine without the pages and pages of nearly unreadable specification sheets and the real QBXL.

With that, I'd like to present to you something we're very proud of, QBXL Magazine Issue 4.

SJ Zero, Head Editor

SJ Zero, Head Editor & Art editor:


Failure:Besides the gaining hundreds of pounds, dropping out of one college and working at the worst job in the world?

It took almost a year to get issue 4 out the door!

 Xerol, Contributing editor:;
125672905(not always on)
XerolOplan, Xerol1, or EllisMEisen
qwertysoftware or Xerol2m

Failure: Trying to get in touch with SJ Zero, who is a failure!
Forsaken ()ne, Slacking Editor:-

Failure:To show up for work

Alien Jack Nicholson,Inanimate object:


Basix, Contributing editor:

E-Mail: <undisclosable>

Failure:Hopefully, nothing....
Contributing editor:


Failure:Got addicted to rageahol in forums.
News, or "Why SJ Zero doesn't do news in QBXL":

A new QBasic alternative called Freebasic is in development by v1ct0r. It's looking very promising to those who have used it. I don't think I'll be calling my bookie just yet, however, since QuickPower lost me a car.

V-Planet has finally updated, with Nekrophidius, the busiest man in QB today, at the helm. Alien Jack Nicholson has already set up plans to bomb the V-Planet headquarters to eliminate the competition so they don't out-update us. We haven't yet managed to explain to him that V-Planet doesn't have a headquarters.

The 2004 Gaming Gold Awards have officially opened. Could someone nominate Nietzsche? Please? I'll be your frei--(full system crash) is still marching slowly towards recovery. Would a new site recover the site even more? Will the glory days ever be reclaimed? Hope so. My bookies going to break my legs otherwise.

Adigun A. Pollack has returned to the competition racket. May god have mercy on us all. is having a new contest. Check it out. Or else.

-SJ Zero

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