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There is a difference between being the shooter and the shootee in a driveby shooting like our Gunshot Wound Award. Here's the score today.


MUX(Score: 8): A thousand congratulations are in order for this stunning achievement of 3d in QB. It also has a story and gameplay! I'm shocked and appalled!

Dark Woods(Score: 7): This text based puzzle game came from out of my blind spot to score a suprise 7.


Last Fantasy(Score: 0):This.... is.... the.... worst.... QBRPG.... ever!

Konrad the Warrior(Score: 3):A game that forgot it's supposed to be a game. Attack? Attack!

Awards -- The "This is QB" award, the "Most Excellent Award", and the "Gunshot Wound award".QB Games are like soda pop. It's either great and thirst quenching, or horrible and god awful and "oh my god I can't believe you made me drink that crap". Also like soda pop, it doesn't age well. That's my great insight for this month. Enjoy the reviews.

: Ass Cola (aka Pepsi).

1 : No-name hick town "Brewed by Cletus" Cola.

:Supermarket no-name cola.

: Diet Pepsi. Mmmmmm. Aspritame.

4 :Cream Soda. Wha-- Pink?!

: Jolt Cola. Use only as directed.

: American Red Bull. It ain't Asian, I'll tell you that!

: Mug Rootbeer

: Barqs(which has bite, don't ya know?)

: Coke.

: Root Beer, the way they used to do it.