Realm Productions
Gunshot Wound Award!

Our story begins two years in the future at ‘Griefswald’, Germany. A CIA report informs our ‘hero’ that a highly classified military project has been going on. This project was focused on Bio-Mech devices. The original leaders/scientists heading the project were Dr.Klostermeyer and Prof. Timo Garben. Due to some unknown reason Dr.Klostermeyer withdrew from the project leaving Garben in-charge. Three weeks after this contact was lost with the facility. Garben’s evil intentions are revealed. He has a cyborg army and hi-tech weapons. Garben has eliminated everyone but ‘Thirtyone’ in the facility. It is the job of Thirtyone to seek and destroy Garben and communicate the success to NATO otherwise the facility will be bombed by a ‘Neutronium’ bomb and millions will perish.
I found this story quite original and believable.

I tested this game on various machines and different platforms including Win95/98/ME/XP/NT and pure DOS. I found the bugs that have already been mentioned in the game’s documentation. But the game works very well in the pure DOS environment. The game’s controls are intuitive. It is responsive and very maneuverable. Considering this game was made in QB with the entire 3d environment, this game works like a charm on even older machines like PIs. The controls are remarkably similar to Quake, Doom. The transitions at the end of the level is also very smooth and again Quake like. I got about 30-40FPS on my PIII ~450Mhz. So I guess there wont be any problem with the newer machines. The only thing that bothers me is on machines like XP/NT, the EMS/XMS doesn’t work properly. So it may not work on those platforms.

The startup screen with the logo faded in smoothly. All the screens have very good fading effect. There wasn’t any menu. The game directly started from level 1. The first person view was created very nicely. But the viewable area was small (about 1/3rd of the horizontal screen). The 3d environment is realistic and the most important thing I observed was that the FPS rate didn’t fall much when there are moving objects(guards etc) in the screen. The AI was simple to beat. The dynamic lighting is impressive.

The game is very good. It draws attention and is engaging. But personally, my monitor sucks so I wasn’t able to play it to my hearts content. The environment was too dark for me. But those with a brighter monitor can play it very well. It is very good. It reminds me of Wolfenstein and the classic first person shooter. This is a well-constructed game. IMHO, it’s an all rounder.

--Basix just likes using the phrase "all rounder"


  Graphics: Hard, fast, impressive.
  Sound: I don't know. Was there?
  Gameplay: Killing is fun. This game has killing. This game is fun.