QBXL Extra
Konrad, that swingin' batchelor!
Even though his game just isn't that good, Konrad the warrior looks like one cool guy. He's got himself this crazy dreadlock haircut, rickets, and a hugass sword you can even see when he's on the worldmap! He's so rugged, he doesn't even need you, the puny player, to tell him how to fight. He learned how to fight in the RPG ghetto, and he doesn't need your help, thank you very much!
That's all I had to say. What? You expected something useful? It's an extra!
Let me tell you a thing or two about Konrad the Warrior. The game is ok. But personally, I got fed up with it very soon. It doesn’t really stand a chance against RPGs like Shadow of Power, Ped Xing, Mysterious Song etc…

Let me tell you about this games story. It is a standard RPG/Movie type story line. A king has lost his scepter and is going to be dethroned unless a young warrior. The person responsible for his loss is an evil witch known as Noel. The name of our warrior happens to be Konrad in this RPG. His job is to find a magic stone, which is hidden in the underworld, so the king can use it to make a wish and get a new scepter. King Steve has some kind of magical healing powers, which allow him to restore Konrad’s health to 100%.

The story is average. The conversation of Konrad and the King is amusing.

An excerpt:
King Steve: [Blah blah blah]…Please help me.
Konrad: Sure, anything to help you. I’ll get on it right away.
King Steve: A couple of things before you go. Use space bar to use things…[informs about the basic controls]

The conversation should have been a bit more realistic. The names chosen King Steve and the evil witch Noel seem to be a bit immature. They really don’t fit.

The game’s controls are intuitive. It is responsive. But that’s all that is good about it. It lacks a certain degree of smoothness. Also some controls are unnecessarily assigned. For example if Konrad comes across an object he should pick it up by default. But it doesn’t happen so. You need to press the space bar every time. Also, there is no map provided so it becomes very difficult to get through the mazes. The 3/4th of the screen is occupied by unnecessary consoles. There are basically 4 regions. First is the region in which the actual environment is shown. The second region shows his life, level and such details. The third region shows the conversation, which doesn’t disappear. The fourth region shows the items that Konrad currently has. The RPG should have a bigger display area. The life and other details could be shown as icons and not actual words. This saves space on the screen. The dialog box remains static. It should pop up whenever required. There are many things I didn’t like about the game play. And I could go on for hours…

As for the graphics, the startup screen with the ‘Acid works’ logo was nice. The interface was menu driven. Though you couldn’t use the arrow keys or the mouse to navigate. There was also absolutely no indication as to what to use. But when neither the arrow keys nor the mouse works then it is obvious that one needs to use the numbers corresponding with the items. The actual game’s gfx were nice. Though I didn’t like the tile scrolling. I would’ve preferred p*p scrolling. Again, the play area is very small and no guide map is present. This sucks big time. Without a guide map a player will quickly give up and wont play this game. It is too ‘complicated’.

To tie up, this game doesn't really have much going for it. It's got an average storyline and graphics that aren't much better, and the gameplay is only really good because it is functional. As I said before,
I got fed up with it very soon.

But if you want to kill some time then this is a game for you. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

--Basix wanted to kill some time, but missed and killed some innocent bystanders. Oops!


  Graphics: The technology is just too old. It sucks.
  Sound: There wasn't any. That sucked.
  Gameplay: Great, except that they forgot to include the game.