Issue 3
...And now the shocking conclusio

I should have expected this sort of reaction to QBXL. Take some decent writing, add a dash of humor, and you've got a recipe for success. Unfortunately, that also leads to the other inevitable conclusion: People want new content quickly. Because of this, the next issue of QBXL will be the last in periodical format. QBXL magazine will be converting to a format more like V-Planet, with all the seperate sections of the magazine getting their own sections as a part of a larger website, which will allow us to introduce new content at a much faster pace. We will no longer have to keep a new issue from being released because one or two writers are lagging behind and haven't finished their articles yet. It'll be a fine day. Not today, however. For this issue and the next, I'll be keeping this format, partially so I can hone my design skills (look at all the pretty pictures!), and partially because I still have some ideas left, and would like to try them out. I'm positive that with some luck, and feedback from the community, QBXL Magazine can go boldly into the future, better, stronger, faster than before.

By the way, if you've noticed that the Issue picture looks yellow and ugly, that's probably because you're using Internet Explorer. You should try using Mozilla or K-Meleon instead. Aside from being able to use full alpha channel PNGs(what you're seeing above), you'll be immune to most spyware and internet viruses, as well as popup ads, which you'll be able to turn off at will. Give it a shot. It's well worth the effort.

SJ Zero, Head Editor

QBXL Goes New Age!!
SJ Zero, Head Editor & Art editor:


New Age God Name:SRAS, french god of quarantine!

Why it works: Because you cannot go to school and run a QB Magazine without a tribute to SRAS.

 Xerol, Contributing editor:;
ICQ: 125672905(not always on)
AIM: XerolOplan, Xerol1, or EllisMEisen
Yahoo: qwertysoftware or Xerol2m

New Age God Name:Oogityboogity, the god of incredible 3d raytracing in QB.

Why it works: Because I haven't seen YOU writing incredible 3d renderers in QB!
Forsaken ()ne, Slacking Editor:-

New Age God Name:Invisalo, Latin god of hardly ever showing up for work!

Why it works: Read the names at the bottom of tha articles. That's why.

Alien Jack Nicholson,Inanimate object:


New Age God Name:Charnel, ancient god of firey death!

Why it works:
If you don't know why, I'm not going to tell you.
Basix, Contributing editor:

E-Mail: <undisclosable>

New Age God Name:He doesn't have one. SJ Zero is too busy worshipping him. 2 reviews!

Why it works: Because everyone else is too lazy to contribute.
Contributing editor:


New Age God Name:He's a new-age atheist!

Why it works: Because nobodys seen him in like, 3 months.

Please refrain from posting on the Qbasic forum 

I allowed your SPAM post to remain on the forum as it was new information and of possible interest to older regulars.

However, for the most part, the regulars are dignified people who have no use for an R-rated forum and our main clientele is "newbies", people of age 12-15 who are trying to learn about programming.

If you examine the contenet of the 800 pages of the forum, you will see that it consists of questions about the capabilities of QBasic and attempts to answer these questions, with occational lapses into flaming, etc.

Thank you,

Mac (QBasic forum owner)

I think you've judged the mag a bit too quickly. The R rating is definitely tongue-in-cheek, and the latest issue is quite tame in terms of language usage and such; our technical section is currently second-to-none in terms of new, original information on techniques that aren't already QB canon.

Furthermore, "dignified" people are *THE* target audience of QBXL, and if you decided to actually read the magazine instead of merely writing it off because of a single letter, you may begin to realize the layers upon layers that make up this magazine. Though the magazine superficially tries to present itself as a childish magazine with no real goal and gratuitous use of foul language and immature subject matter, there is a subtle context of satire througout, aimed at anything that moves. Issue 1 was somewhat less subtle in this respect, especially in the face/off section(note to readers: Forsaken ()ne has never used a lib in his life), where we satirize the arguements of both sides, or even in this issues face/off section, where Frankie and I satirize the religious nature of language debates. In other places, we use more advanced forms of british personality humor, which is best shown in the inanimate Object known as Alien Jack Nicholson.

In the future, please consider more than a silly single letter when deciding to tell the entire staff of qbxl to "Please refrain from posting on the QBasic forum". We just might take offense next time.

-SJ Zero

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