In ages long forgotten, the action puzzle game ruled the world. So perfect was this world, that it spawned an entire generation of gamers pining for it's return. This game in development by Na_Th_An, appears to offer a glimmer of hope to those hoping for a return to frantic strategy and puzzle solving without the often violent undertones of real-time strategy games or puzzle-based action games.

Coshinos' Quest, which roughly translates to "Pigs Quest",  is going to be an action puzzle game in the same mold as Lemmings. You'll have to manage a group of pigs carefully to reach your objective. The skills a pig can have vary greatly but appear to have been based on the activities of a common pig -- I'll leave the details to your imagination, but rest assured, there is a defecating pig skill.

Backing up this intriguing game play is a great looking flicker-free 256 colour 2d tile-based P*P scrolling engine with mouse based controls, and a decent array of professional looking art. The release date is in the air, but mid-2004 to late-2010 looks like a promising time for release. QBXL will be there to eat it's words when it does.

--SJ Zero hates writing previews.

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