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Wandering Outlaws
The creators of a QB classic reach for the mainstream
Developer: Master Creating
Due: Late 2003


In a perfect world, all this programming language stuff is as silly as I like to make it out to be. In a perfect world, I wouldn't be writing about this game. It isn't though, so I have to watch as one the creator of Shadow of Power, one of the most impressive QB games out there, makes a Diablo 2 clone using -- get this-- pure assembler.

Because of this, they claim to have the fastest isometric game engine in existance -- A claim whose significance may be minor or major, depending on what they plan to do with it.  A diablo 2 style isometric engine that runs on  a 486 would be cool, but if it's wasted on a game with the gameplay of pac-man,  it's just another tech demo gone awry. We can only hope there will be something to the game. Luckily, it seems to have that wrapped up, with four different characters promising four different approaches, and around 30 unique skills, and a non-linear story with a random sub-quest generator, for limitless possibilities.  Also, there will be cooperative multiplayer options, which allows the option to ass-kick with freinds.

Luckily for me since it takes me so long to get an issue done, since this is being coded in pure assembler, it probably won't be done for a loooong time. Master Creating is targetting a Late 2003 release, but let's be serious for a moment. 2003? Try 2010. By the time this thing gets released, we'll probably have matrix powers and tight fitting leather suits, and the kung-fu chicks to fill them nicely.

Mmmmmmm.... Hot kung-fu chicks in tight leather suits...

-SJ Zero

When a team of ex-QB'ers code something from scratch in ASM, people get scared...

Another dark, gothic future. Why can't the future ever be happy and peppy, like it was in the 50's?

Hallways. Powers. Chicks in tight leather. I hereby  rename this game Wandering Neo.

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