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There is a difference between being the shooter and the shootee in a driveby shooting like our Gunshot Wound Award. Here's the score today.


Ped Xing(score 7): All the death of massacre with none of the guilt!

Shadow of Power(Score 8): I need an armour! Bitchy Box! Hey you pussy, punch my harder!  I love this game.


Massacre(score 2):The pain of playing this game is like the pain of murder -- you know it's wrong,  and you want no part of it. Only crazy people will bother playing this for long!

Pong Worz(Score: 4):Technologically brilliant. Artistically stunning. Funistically retarded..

Awards -- The "This is QB" award, the "Most Excellent Award", and the "Gunshot Wound award".There is a certain quality that defines QB and QB programs. Perhaps it's a certain way we use the controls. Perhaps it's the way we present the interfaces to the world. Perhaps it's mode 13h. Whatever it is, these tangible qualities have convinced us here at QBXL that they needed to be celebrated in their own way, and three awards can now be granted by QBXL reviewers.

The first is the "This is QB?!" award, which is granted to programs which either push the boundries of QBs technological edge in innovative ways, or are so well designed that only those with intimate knowlege of the program could guess it was programmed in QB.

The "Most Excellent Award" is granted to programs which are most excellent. A 10 rating isn't nessessarily enough to get this award, it must be earned through sheer greatness. A game which hasn't achieved a score of 10 has a chance of getting this award as well, since greatness transcends graphics and sound, which sometimes may lack.

Finally, the "Gunshot Wound Award" is awarded to programs which are worse than a self inflicted gunshot wound. Any program that recieves a 0 from our reviewers automatically is granted this prestigious award, but higher rated programs may recieve it in special circumstances as well.

Here are what the scores mean in terms of the grand scheme of things.

0 : Worse than a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Painful in every respect.

1 : Worse than a gunshot wound inflicted by some hot chick.

: Worse than falling and landing on an AIDS needle. Ouch.

: Worse than falling and landing on a poodle. Scary.

4 : Worse than falling and scraping your knee.

: Worse than falling and getting a bruise.

: Worse than drinking Vanilla Coke.

: Worse than having a high paying job.

: Worse than winning the lottery.

: Worse than a cold beer on a hot day.

: Not all that bad, really...