Programming Section
Hardcore programming section
Hardcore. The word makes most people think of pornography. All those boobies a'jiggling, but this isn't a porno mag(yet...), so we're mostly programmers. So instead of boobies all a jigglin', we get our code all a jigglin'. SJ Zero...unplugged.
This is the face of progress after 72 hours awake. It isn't pretty. Not pretty at all...

And a jigglin' it is. This month we have some really great stuff. Strange forgotten secrets from a time long forgotten. Bit manipulation. Particle systems. Realtime script systems. The things we delve into are a jigglin' indeed.
So without further ado, we present this months programming section! full of a jigglin' code, bootylicious concepts, secrets destined to burn the eyes out of mere mortals, and other great things.
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