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[Qbxl magazine is] by far the funniest qbasic magazines I read. It's hillarious to read and the audio version was worth downloading...even for me with a 56K modem. Now I just hope that QBXL will be updated somewhat more frequently.

Jocke The Beast, via RPG-dev.net

AH! Please don't hurt us! we're glad you liked the mag... We'll release it as soon as possible!

-SJ Zero

[QBXL Magazine is] pretty awful.

Shadow of power review? That fucking game came 4 years ago. The QB Lib debate? Oh, you mean the one that was over in 1999? I like the fact that you have a flithy mouth and like to ramble, but you need better content!

Anonymous Guest, via RPG-dev.net

Hi anonymous guest! Thank you for reviewing the magazine. We're truly sorry to hear that you don't believe our year old issue magazine about a dying computer language is up to date. I guess we'll just have to take three years to release an issue instead of one, and only review up to the minute  releases.

Actually, forget PR garbage; This is QBXL!  On with the thrashing!

Listen dumbass, the first issue of this magazine was in the works for a lot longer than the few weeks leading up to it's release.  Our staff consists of a drunk computer tech, a slacker high school student, and a disembodied alien head.  Believe it or not, with all that manpower, it still takes time to write a magazine of this size, and unless you'd like to personally answer to the folks who have had to wait THIS long for another issue, I recommend against asking us to make sure our material is all up to date and relevant before we throw it out the door.

We work hard enough for absolutely no recompense without having to listen to blatantly stupid demands like yours.


The Staff of QBXL.

I looked at yall's magazine today, and it's really good.  The review of Ped Xing was really funny, especially to me because I made it and knew exactly what you guys were talking about.  I have few suggestions for your magazine:  a next page and back page button at the bottom of each page, some kind of logo on each page (small in the corner), the reviews are really good but I think it would be cool if each person from the magazine wrote a line or two about each reviewed game (like in nintendo power: SJ - I liked the game.  It is fun so I gave it an 8/10), and maybe a bit more QB tips and tricks.

thanks for reviewing Ped Xing, good luck with the mag.

Michael Dowling, from the internet

I have consulted with our legal department, and they've advised me that after Alien Jacks review, I shouldn't piss you off, lest I find myself in the middle of a slander suit. So my reply, as reworded by the legal staff here at QBXL Magazine, is as follows:

Hello. I am very glad you liked the magazine.  Your comments have been entered into a draw whose winner will have their suggestions implemented. Have a nice day.

--SJ Zero

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