Issue 2: I'm as shocked as you!


I never thought I'd ever get Issue 1 out there, and here I am working on a second issue. I must be crazy. The sheer amount of work involved with finishing the first issue was incredible, and the second won't really make things any better. This issue, instead of problems with HTML and images, it's problems with hosting and the volume of material. Jason at QB45.NET did me a huge favour in providing hosting,  but that site's been having hosting problems of it's own, it seems. I hope for the best for them. We've been pulling 48 hour shifts getting these articles done, In the meanwhile, the list of QBXL mirrors can be found at Powerusrs Gaming, in the latest update there. Anyone else interested in providing mirrors of QBXL should E-mail me at . Same with anyone interested in writing articles. Yeah.

Every man considers himself "SUPER HERO MAN" at one point in his life, and we're no different. Getting a magazine this big printed takes a super powers at times, but not the kind you'd think. Here we are, presenting the superheroes of QBXL!

SJ Zero, Head Editor

Crappy super heroes...UNITE!
SJ Zero, Head Editor & Art editor:SJ Zero


Crappy superhero persona:Not getting laid Man, the incredible man with so much free time on his hands, he can singlehandedly start QB Magazines!

Crappy superpower: The incredible power of not getting laid despite being a writer.

Crappy weakness: Getting laid, obviously. Then I wouldn't have anything to be hard and depressed about, and my whole image falls apart. Kind of like Eminem after you find out he lived in the subarbs.

Forsaken ()ne, Slacking Editor:Forsaken ()ne


Crappy superhero persona:Slacker Man! With his incredible powers, he gets his name in the credits, even if he only writes one short review!

Crappy superpower: The incredible power of doing absolutely nothing and still convincing people he's still doing his part!

Crappy weakness: Work.

Alien Jack Nicholson,Inanimate object:

E-Mail: Alien Jack Nicholson

Crappy superhero persona:Inanimate man!

Crappy superpower: Mysteriously writes articles and reviews despite being an alien head with sunglasses attached to his face!

Crappy weakness: Nobody knows. He's not talking.
Contributing editor:


Crappy superhero persona:Slowhand!

Crappy superpower: The amazing ability to type at one word per minute!

Crappy weakness: Typing Lessons!
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