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SJ Zero:Origins
Sj Zero is a coder who is currently working on Quest for a King. When he realized that he needed a creative break from coding and all the other stuff included in the game, he decided to start writing a QB Magazine in honor and in tribute to the late PCXL Magazine. This is the result. It may be a bit different from other QB Magazines, but it's still a damn cool rag.
Firsts are always a good thing. Even firsts of a bad thing are good, because it sets precident. In this case, the first issue of QBXL is released, and despite a few problems, like the way that there isn't a single image in this entire magazine because we haven't figured out how to wrap text around images yet, or the way that we haven't reviewed half the games we wanted to because we need to finish them (because most of them are RPGS), it's been a good launch. As I write this, most of the magazine has already been finished, and most of the formatting of the magazine is in place, thanks to Lotus WordPro, which has been our word processor/WYSIWYG page editor, and a lot of things which would have taken a good weeks worth of HTML tweaking have been taken care of in five minutes flat (like that extra across from this paragraph -- that would have taken a while to do in pure HTML. I'll learn how, but right now I'm doing this mag!)

Aside from those concerns, There's also the looming danger that I may run out of material. Sure, I've found some incredible talent in Alien Jack Nicholson, and who would have thought that his insaitable hatred for humanity would come in as handy as it did? Forsaken ()ne, on the other hand, is untested in this field so far, and I'm hoping he can review things up to the standard of quality QBXL may someday pride itself on. If he turns out to be unfunny, I'll have to feed him to Jocke the Beast or Alien Jack Nicholson(either one would probably scare him straight).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the magazine enough to come back again when the next issue is released, and I hope that this magazine helps liven up your dull QB-existance.

-SJ Zero would be the guy in charge of making sure everything comes together. He has promised not to rant like this every week.