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  I don't really need an armour.
    Shadow Of Power Developer:Master Creating


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Shadow of Porn
Some of the quotes in Shadow of power sound like they'd be right at home in a porno flick, with the extremely sub-par acting quality. A lot of the phrases sound like with one or two words altered, the game would be transformed into a raunchy porno. Observe:

"Hey you pussy, punch me harder!"

"Hey you pussy, love me harder!"

"I'm going to need a huge, enormous sword..."

"I'm going to need a huge, enormous sword..."

"I'm not going out there without an armour!"

"I'm not going out there without an rubber!"

"Holger is dreaming of glory and advanture."

"Holger is dreaming of T & A"

With phrases like this, Shadow of Porn could have an incredibly deep plot(for a porno).

Shadow of Power is a great game. It has a few bugs, and it has some of the most unintentionally funny dialog in the history of RPGs.

Such unintentional gems as "I need a huge, enormous sword", and "I'm not going out there without an armour!" are scattered throughout the game. Coupled with the actors accent, it's quite memorable. There are also intentional gems, such as "hey you pussy, punch me harder!", which are also memorable.

Shadow of Power has decent graphics, but those graphics just scream "Zelda Clone". The character graphics are as original as graphics get, but many of the enemies look like reworkings of Zelda beasts, and a lot of the background graphics are obviously ripped from other games -- Zelda and Doom were quite prominent.

  The sound is good, with a few exceptions where the sound is just a bit too cartoony for my tastes. As I mentioned, the voices are just hilarious, and are all incredibly clear.

I'm not moving from this spot without an armour!!!
I'm not moving from this spot without an armour!

Gameplay is pretty straightforeward, pitting you against various different monsters, using a decent aresenal of spells. It would get old pretty quickly if the game didn't have some really difficult portions, but they are included in force. It's not that any given portions are mind-numbingly difficult, but supplies are almost always in short supply. Money doesn't flow nearly as freely as in other RPGs, so one must generally rely on health and magic the monsters sometimes drop when killed. My hard drive was accidently reformatted before I was able to reach the final boss, but I was at his castle, and it was a lot of fun getting there.

--SJ Zero needs an armour!


  Graphics: The graphics are nice, but a lot of them look like they've been either stolen or copied from Legend of Zelda for SNES. Score
  Sound: They get a good score here The sound is glitchy in some places, but I've fallen in love with the cheezy voice acting. 8
  Gameplay: It's very much like Legend of Zelda. While there are some differences, and the interface overall seems nicer to use, it is