.   Reviews Intro
Here we list the best and worst games with witty phrases next to the titles and scores.

Above Zero
Ped Xing(score 7): All the death of massacre with none of the guilt!

Shadow of Power(Score 8): I need an armour! Bitchy Box! Hey you pussy, punch my harder!  I love this game.

Below Zero
Massacre(score 2):The pain of playing this game is like the pain of murder -- you know it's wrong,  and you want no part of it. Only crazy people will bother playing this for long!

Tiler Tex 2(Score 3):Sure it's oldskool. Oldskool isn't always good.  Especially when it's a game we didn't play in our youth.


All these frozen days in the wastelands of Canada will do things to a man. Bad things. "Shrink" things. To counter this, we canadians tend to stay inside on those cold winter days and colder winter nights writing reviews for QB games. Lucky us, lucky you. We can also drink more beer than most because we already can''t feel most of our exremeties. Yummy. Well, here we go!

Here are what the scores mean in terms of the grand scheme of things.

1 : Portage and Main, 50 below. Some ugly underage hooker is trying to pick you up.

: Portage and Main, 50 below, but you have a flask of some disgusting alcohol to dull the pain.

: Portage and Main,  50 below, same flask, but the hooker has decided to take off

: On the road out of Winnipeg in a frozen car. 50 below, no flask, but at least things'll get better!

: Hitting the Ontario Border at 50 below. Great Scenery, but you might be dead soon, so it all balances out.

: The snow stops and the tempeture becomes a not quite balmy 25 below. You consider taking off your coat.

: 10 below, you consider sunbathing.

: 0, You have to turn on the air-conditioning to keep cool on these warm days.

: You hit Toronto somehow, it's 10 above, you find a hot chick in a bar.

: It's 20 above, and it turns out the hot chick owns a private topless beach. Life is GOOOOOOD.

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