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Programming under the Influence

Programming while under the influence of various colas and Red Bulls is common for most programmers,  Since many QB programmers aren't old enough to drink alcohol, this makes a lot of sense. I of course, am. This lead me to do a study on programming while under the influence of alcohol. I conducted experiments over the course of several nights to ensure the conclusive proof for my hypothesis, which for the purposes of entertainment value, I shall unveil later.

First, lets look at how alcohol works. You drink it, it impairs you. Simple as that. More specifically, the cerebelum, the part of your brain responsible for thought, consciousness, logic, and basically, all the things you really need for programming to work.

Over the course of several weeks, The same thing happened. I'd start up QB, start drinking some incredibly strong beer, and next thing I know, I'd unconsciously gone into a multiplayer game of Diablo 2! EVERY TIME! My conclusions at this point is that it is nearly impossible for an individual to program under the infuence, and that goes doubly so when you are trying to write an article about it too!


Because of this, I can't really write an article about programming under the Influence. Playing Diablo 2 was fun, but I don't think I can spin that as programming. I did do some programming while slightly buzzing, but I ended up deleting the directory. Naturally, it was the most beautiful code I've ever written, functionally perfect and optimized to the best of my pristine ability, but you'll never see it. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Man I'm drunk right now... I'm going to go sleep it off. Don't wake me up unless you have some asprin for me in the morning!

-SJ Zero really let himself go for this article!

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