Programming Section

This issue we have very few programming articles, but who can blame us -- these things are long and boring(with some exceptions...) I hope you have something more interesting to do than listen to us prattle on about theoretical equasions, but it's obvious that you don't. Merry chistmas.

Hardcore programming section

Oh yeah. Hardcore programming. You know you want it. The question is; do you really want to pay the price? Do you want to listen to SJ Zero drone on and on about programming? Probably, otherwise you wouldn't have read this far(unless you are the type who likes reading the whole way through just to prove people wrong). The good thing is, this section has some pretty pictures. Do they explain anything? No. Do they look cool, occasionally showing chicks and explosions? Hell yeah. I think I speak for the entire QB community when I say there aren't enough chicks and explosions in the QB community. Lets rock and roll!

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