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  Jocke the Beast is one sick, sick man.
    Massacre Developer:Jocke the beast


QBXL Extra
The Beast releases a game
QBXL was able to aquire exclusive transcripts of the final moments before Jocke the Beast released this upon the word. Notice his madness, as it devours him and turns him into a person who only kills and plans to kill others.

hi,I've made a new game..

it's about killing innocent people lined up against a f***ing wall!!....

..the game shouldn't be played... delete!.. now!...kill it... Kill!!.. .delete!!!.... Remove... killitkillitkillit!!

...no.....only remains...[disconnected]

I was warned. Despite all the warning labels and recommendations not to download or play it, I did. All I can say is that the creator of this game, Jocke the Beast, is one sick man. I wouldn't be surprised if he eats babies in his spare time or something after seeing this game. I'm convinced that he spends his days killing people and planning to kill people after this game. It's really damn scary.

Summing up the "gameplay", if you could call it that, is simple; you choose the person to be executed by typing the number above the victims head. When the button is pushed, the victims stomach is shot open, and he disappears, leaving a bloody spot on the wall in his place. When you kill all 10 people standing on the wall (there's no game -- they will stand there, motionless and wait for you to kill them), it asks you if you want to continue playing. If you answer yes, ten more victims appear, and the "game" continues. When you finally tire of this

and answer no, you are given a rank.

I'd be able to shake this off as the product of a quick hack coding job if not for the graphics -- it looks like some serious work went into making quality artwork. Good quality artwork with depth and good variance look quite good, which scares me. Really -- he spent too much time and effort on this project for it to be a simple healthy diversion. Jocke! Seek professional help! Seek professional help!

I see dead people...
I see dead people....

I finished this game with a little more appreciation for the mindless arguements doled out by anti-videogame violence advocates, and a lot less faith in the human race as a whole. I recommend gamers who aren't currently commited to a mental hospital to avoid it like the psychological plague it is, and those who are to consider their other options.

-SJ Zero actually enjoyed the game, but succumbed to peer pressure to give it a bad review.


  Graphics: Probably the best graphics Jocke the Beast could handle while he wasn't killing people or planning to kill people. Score
  Sound: There's a thud, which either signifies the shooting of the gun, or the falling of the corpse. That's what you get when you design a game while killing people or planning to kill people. 2
  Gameplay: You need gameplay to get a score for gameplay. Good luck getting any points with some finger pointing action.