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Hi! I just strolled in from the internet to find an incredibly funny, sarcastic, and informative magazine about QB. Wow! You guys rock! I can't believe it! I'm going to have to sell all my possessions to send it to you guys so you make the second issue quicker! Would it help if I sold my firstborn into slavery? And the site designs! They're soooo cool! I've never seen blue, green, grey, and Small Fonts used on the same page together! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Guy Incognito(and definitely not SJ Zero making up letters), from the internet(and not localhost at all!)

Hello Guy Incognito, and definitely not SJ Zero making up letters because he's in a hurry,  good to hear you liked the mag! You don't need to sell your first born to help us out Guy Incognito(not SJ Zero at all), there are plenty of ways to help. If you have some writing ability(and a sense of humor),  you can submit articles, and if you don't, just send us a letter telling us how much you love or hate us! The E-Mail address is at the bottom of this page. You can also tell your freinds about QBXL, so we can become a spooky pop sensation! Thanks for the letter Guy Incognito(and not SJ Zero at all).
 I have to say that I think the idea of writting about qb from a humorous point is a neat and fresh idea. I really like the intro and all of page one.  However, I found the reviews a little dull... no screenshots, no link to download and no explanation of the review system.  And maybe you should split up the reviews in paragraphs and  make the first line of them bold or something.  I think this mag needs a little more qb stuff instead of ramblings :P or maybe both if possible. Like a normal qb mag,  just with a more humerous perspective. I know you're able to deliver it - I've seen JRPG ;)

Joakim_ar, from the internet

I'm not sure where you come from, but rambling incoherently is what made this country great. Getting an assortment of people rambling incoherently at once together in a hate-filled magazine is protected by international law, it's so important!

The history of rambling in magazines has a long and storied past, starting in the Stone Age. Rather than divulge the secret of the wheel to his opponents, Og the Caveman(a genius by any standards), decided to just ramble on at length in his cave paintings, Fast forward to Ancient Egypt, where, instead of putting interesting factoids about the people they were burying on Pharohs tombs, he just rambles at length about what he's going to do to anyone who steals his treasures. Fast forward to today, where President George W. Bush speaks at length about nothing in paticular, his only purpose seemingly to eat up airtime with stolen World War 2 phrases thrown out with no regard for international politics.

As for the other suggestions, it was FAR too late to rewrite the entire magazine at this point, since it was virtually on the presses, so we're just going to have to take the advice into account next issue. Maybe. If we're not cranky.

SJ Zero

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