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The QB lib Debate

The use of libs in QB is a hotly debated issue amongst the QB community today. The relative 1337ness of coding everything from scratch compared to the 1337ness of using the extra power and functionality provided by libs to create something better than the coder could usually accomplish using his puny, weak, and withered coding muscles. SJ Zero will be arguing in stylish italics, and Forsaken ()ne will be bringing out the big guns in the unsubtle bold font.

I'm most definitely on the "pure-qb" side of the fence. Sure, some people can make things that look better than the JRPG engine, but you can't debate 60FPS on a p233, and the fact that it's still quite playable on a p75 shows that I truly am the 31337est of the 31337. Sure, there are people using Qbs built-in PUT statement to do things faster, but they're just as bad as the lib folks because they're doing things the easy way. Ph33r.

Pure is fucking right you little momma's boy. I'm all for Libs, and what the hell is this "the lib folks" all about, you spaz? We're not some kinda clique or something! We're people who use this shit beacause its better, it's faster, and its easier (for those of us who weren't born with the knowledge of a computers insides). Most of us like this because we're not genius's, we're average people who like to code a little in our spare time. NERD!!!!

You're nothing but a bourgois poo-poo head. How dare you keep the art of programming from reaching the Tao it deserves by ignoring the very issues programming is designed to tackle! Without understanding the stuff below your immediate vision! It's people like you who are destroying the world, lazy lib-using asses!

For your information, lazy is a way of life for us. It's the way of reaching for your remote for a broom, or showering in the dirty clothes your going to wear that day, so they'll be clean that day. And what the fuck is the Tao anyway, are you going to give a programming language its own "way of balance", I don't think so dumbass. What are you? The kind of guy who insults or is for something you've never even heard of just cause someone tells you too. Your a dick-headed moron, who has his head so far up his ass, your inside out. GEEK!!!!

You want a piece of me? You are nothing but a reactionary asshole spouting the same arguements over and over again about something you couldn't possibly understand. You don't understand the beauty of low-level hardware -- how could you? There is such beauty in the code, you could never understand. You're unpure. You heathen, You will die in the flames of a thousand pieces of shitty, lib-supported code when the great code audit comes!!!

Allllllrrriiiggghhhhhttttttt.... You are a loser who has never heard of a slacker, and has probably never had sex in his life. You're a little snotnosed pushover, and you'll always be one, you silly silly man -- no, make that boy. Libs are cool, easy and efficient, so shut the hell up. Peace out man, FREAK!!!

SJ Zero is the boss, and therefore is right by default.

Forsaken ()ne is a hired lackey, and therefore is wrong.